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About Cognitive Hypnotherapy

So what is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

There are some key aspects that makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy an approach that is flexible, adaptable and bespoke.

Trance is an everyday phenomenon:

Studies suggest that approximately 90% of our behaviour is unconscious. Let that sink in for a moment… We are only truly in control of our actions one tenth of the time.

Traditional hypnotherapy maintains hypnosis to be a state that the hypnotherapist must “put you under” in order to render you suggestible. We, on the other hand, understand hypnosis to be a naturally occurring, everyday state. And this is a good thing! If we had to consciously command every single daily task, then just tying our shoe laces in the morning would present a challenge.

So, if we’re at the mercy of our unconscious mind almost all of the time, then surely it must be the best place to begin affecting change to our thought processes, feelings and behavioural patterns. Cog Hyp helps you to understand these processes, and ultimately take control of the ones that serve you less than well.

All behaviour has a positive intention:

Although trance behaviour is always generated with the intention to fulfil a positive purpose, due to processing errors made by the unconscious mind (often in early childhood), some of these behavioural choices end up causing more harm than good.

For example, the fear generated by an individual with a flying phobia is designed to keep them on the ground and safe from the perceived threat of getting on a plane. This fear will be felt even though they know (consciously) that planes aren’t any more dangerous than the car they drive every day.

Cog Hyp works by updating the unconscious mind with the conscious mind’s understanding of reality.

Everyone is unique:

The things that we are most likely to call “problems” can be understood as (negative) everyday trance states. That is, ineffective or damaging pieces of unconscious programming.

Our style of therapy aims to dehypnotise the client out of their problematic trance states in order to live life more happily, become more productive, achieve more… etc.

As every person’s problem pattern will be entirely unique, in Cog Hyp we don’t diagnose or label the issue. Nor do we use one-size-fits-all hypnotherapy scripts aimed at a particular problem.

Each individual receives a unique and personalised treatment plan to fit the way they experience their problem.

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